Where the Mind Goes, the Energy Flows by William Klein

“Where the mind goes, the energy flows.”

What a great quote that is. I just completed reading New York Times columnists analysis of where they were wrong in their columns. Ranging from Capitalism to Al Franken’s banishment from the Senate to the treatment of Trump supporters to Mitt Romney to Facebook following, the columns ran the gamut. What a refreshing reminder to self-reflect and ownership of our imperfections.

We tend to articulate what is right in front of us without looking at long term views. David Brooks wrote about how his politics changed out of necessity for making a living. He went to the Wall Street Journal and started to think about how economics could change the world. What he failed to realize is there were still people left behind. He saw that there were billionaires who were made and some of the people who directly affected by these policies could not rise above them.

Kudos to him for acknowledging the errors of his ways. Self-awareness is a prime commodity these days. We get so caught up in what we need to do that we forget to sit back and think about what needs to be done spiritually. Self-reflection dredges up some things we may not like about ourselves, but facing those things can help us see what needs to be thrown away and what needs to be nurtured.

How much time do we spend reflecting on those around us and the meaningful impact they have on us? I attended a wedding this weekend, and I feel as though it merited some deep reflection on what those relatives mean to me. We vacationed together every year and haven’t been able to do that. I thought about the generation before ours and how happy they would be to see us all together.

We disagree on things. We hear each other out and in the end we agree to disagree, but in the end family bonds take precedence over everything. I have a cousin who was willing to take me in unconditionally when I moved to California. I asked if I could stay with him when I arrived there. I needed a place to land for a breather. He was surprised to hear that I only wanted to spend the weekend there and made my way up the coast to Los Angeles. He thought I was going to spend a few months.

My cousin’s husband used to take us for rides in his Corvette. I can still remember the top down and the wind blowing through my hair as we toured our neighborhood. This was a vital experience in recognizing the power of speed and relishing the open-air possibilities as we zoomed through the city streets. That time is called back in an instant and its poetry is not lost on me. Those indelible moments plant something meaningful in the soul.

Our memories can take us on journeys we never imagined. Thinking back to what those subtle moments meant, there is a new understanding of where I’ve been and what’s shaped me. One call back to the good ole days and the time capsule is opened. Playing football in the canopied street, the fresh scent of chlorine from the pool, the citronella burning at night and a dancing flame fending off mosquitoes. A trip to the store and the smell of freon all around me, as I buy the Slurpee with my favorite sports figure on it, or the one available for that week. The round up of players to get a game of Strike Out going at the local school or if we’re lucky fielding a team of seven or eight for a game of baseball.

We deviate by necessity. What do I need to do today? How am I doing on this project? What can I do to be more efficient to make more time?

We deviate to what we think will satisfy the urges now. What will make me happy? A candy bar or watching TV? What will take me out of my misery for a time, so I can cope with doing what needs to be done for the parents later? What can I do about that relationship or lack of one? How can I anesthetize myself from my problems?

When was the last time you took a minute “to loaf and invite the soul” to observe a spear of summer grass” – what Whitman inspired in “Leaves of Grass” and honoring the senses to celebrate the seasons of life?

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