Coping With Trauma by William Klein

The act of birth itself is traumatic. We enter from a womb of comfort and security into a bold, daunting and dissonant, chaotic, hurried fluorescent lit world – bloodied and wet, sticky, being handed from one to another and relying on multiple sensibilities to hold a frantic awareness calmly, serenely with understanding and poignant culpability.  … Continue reading Coping With Trauma by William Klein

Rehumanize Yourself by William Klein

The Police wrote a song titled “Rehumanize Yourself.” It was a song written about “people becoming disconnected from their humanity when placed in certain circumstances.” The song was inspired by a real incident. Lead singer and songwriter Sting heard about some skinheads kicking a man to death outside his house. “Policeman put on his uniform/Had … Continue reading Rehumanize Yourself by William Klein

Eucharistic Condemnation by William Klein

The US Catholic Bishops’ decision to deny President Biden and other politicians the Eucharist based on their pro-choice policies is problematic.  On one hand it’s important that they assert the Church’s position on abortion.  On the other hand, denying a practicing Catholic this Holy Sacrament is troublesome, because it has often been said, “Silence is consent.” It … Continue reading Eucharistic Condemnation by William Klein