Coping With Trauma by William Klein

The act of birth itself is traumatic. We enter from a womb of comfort and security into a bold, daunting and dissonant, chaotic, hurried fluorescent lit world – bloodied and wet, sticky, being handed from one to another and relying on multiple sensibilities to hold a frantic awareness calmly, serenely with understanding and poignant culpability.  … Continue reading Coping With Trauma by William Klein

Rehumanize Yourself by William Klein

The Police wrote a song titled “Rehumanize Yourself.” It was a song written about “people becoming disconnected from their humanity when placed in certain circumstances.” The song was inspired by a real incident. Lead singer and songwriter Sting heard about some skinheads kicking a man to death outside his house. “Policeman put on his uniform/Had … Continue reading Rehumanize Yourself by William Klein

Eucharistic Condemnation by William Klein

The US Catholic Bishops’ decision to deny President Biden and other politicians the Eucharist based on their pro-choice policies is problematic.  On one hand it’s important that they assert the Church’s position on abortion.  On the other hand, denying a practicing Catholic this Holy Sacrament is troublesome, because it has often been said, “Silence is consent.” It … Continue reading Eucharistic Condemnation by William Klein

Rene Girard’s “Mimetic Desire” by William Klein

I’ve heard it said that “insanity is knowing you have to change but refusing to do anything about it.” I’ve been digging deep into the profound stories I’ve heard this year as a teacher. Children telling me stories of violence where loved ones have been impacted: A child told me how they were jarred into … Continue reading Rene Girard’s “Mimetic Desire” by William Klein