Listening For Feelings by William Klein

The greatest spiritual experiences in art come from the act of listening. This is a bold statement, but I stand by it. This is why the spiritual attunement of the artist is critical to offering something of substance to the world. Ernest Hemingway once said, “I like to listen. I have learned a great deal … Continue reading Listening For Feelings by William Klein

Digging Out in the Name of Love by William Klein

This Christmas was cold! The thermometer said it was 0 degrees, and, with the wind, it was minus 20. That’s pretty cold and bites right down to the bone. We have bushes in front of our house and for some reason the whipping, swirling winds created a vortex that left a four-foot drift in front … Continue reading Digging Out in the Name of Love by William Klein

Landscapes and Invisible Realities by William Klein

The power of presence is unleashed when you walk in a beautiful landscape. I remember walking in Ireland once and feeling the life of the neon green grass, a waterfall and bubbling brook of bliss, and the surrender of rolling hills pulsating in my being. There was a nonverbal communication taking place between myself and … Continue reading Landscapes and Invisible Realities by William Klein

Spiritual Atrophy by William Klein

The principle of spiritual atrophy and its consequences is a daunting prospect. The dictionary definition of “atrophy” that I’m using is the “gradual decline or ineffectiveness or vigor due to underuse or neglect.” If you do not exercise your muscles, you tend to lose strength in the muscle. This is the case with spiritual development … Continue reading Spiritual Atrophy by William Klein

“The Jesus Revolution” by William Klein

I was invited to an event last Sunday by my friend, “The Chosen” star, Jonathan Roumie. Roumie is starring in “The Jesus Movement” with Kelsey Grammar that is in theaters on November 18th. Reverend Greg Laurie, a producer of the film, hosted his “Southern California Harvest Event” in San Diego’s Petco Park and at Anaheim’s … Continue reading “The Jesus Revolution” by William Klein

The Power of Charism by William Klein

I’ve talked with numerous people who have attended Catholic schools and hear a common theme. “There is something about that charism that has stayed with me.” Some religious consider this a sign of the Holy Spirit. Each religious institution I’ve been associated with has a charism that is uniquely its own. I’ve been blessed to … Continue reading The Power of Charism by William Klein