Eucharistic Condemnation by William Klein

The US Catholic Bishops’ decision to deny President Biden and other politicians the Eucharist based on their pro-choice policies is problematic.  On one hand it’s important that they assert the Church’s position on abortion.  On the other hand, denying a practicing Catholic this Holy Sacrament is troublesome, because it has often been said, “Silence is consent.” It … Continue reading Eucharistic Condemnation by William Klein

Rene Girard’s “Mimetic Desire” by William Klein

I’ve heard it said that “insanity is knowing you have to change but refusing to do anything about it.” I’ve been digging deep into the profound stories I’ve heard this year as a teacher. Children telling me stories of violence where loved ones have been impacted: A child told me how they were jarred into … Continue reading Rene Girard’s “Mimetic Desire” by William Klein

Seeing Beyond by William Klein

In hindsight, the year’s been a bright, blistering haze. School is over for the year, and I can breathe again.  I’m not alone. I’ve heard some interesting turns of phrases to articulate just how tired other teachers are.  “I feel like I just wrestled a monster.”  “I feel like I just ran a marathon -- underwater.” It shows … Continue reading Seeing Beyond by William Klein

The Power of Thought by William Klein

In his New York Times bestselling book “The Untethered Spirit,” Michael A. Singer writes about the fetters that hold us back from being everything we’re called to be.  Our thoughts trap us into seeing the world a certain way.  They cage us in limitation, as we dialogue and work through the world in conversation as the world … Continue reading The Power of Thought by William Klein

Paycheck To Paycheck by William Klein

Anyone who has lived paycheck to paycheck knows what it’s like to fear losing a job.  One missed paycheck and things snowball and fall apart.  It’s like starting a machine to get the business going.  If the machine fails, the rest of the business falls apart and a client looks elsewhere. I remember when I lived paycheck to … Continue reading Paycheck To Paycheck by William Klein

The End Does Not Justify The Means by William Klein

There is a prominent belief out there that is contrary to all moral teaching.  The end justifies the means. We’re taught in moral theology that the end does NOT justify the means. We can never justify an immoral action for the sake of gaining more for ourselves even for the purposes of good. Police may use … Continue reading The End Does Not Justify The Means by William Klein