Arrogance, Ignorance or Both? by William Klein

Pharaoh was recalcitrant when it came to letting his people go. It took locusts, frogs, lice, gnats, plague, blood in the water, boils, hail and darkness, and ultimately the death of Egyptian firstborn children while Hebrew children were “passed over” before he was willing to make a change. It took ten plagues for the man to realize something had to be done.

The hardening of his heart was due to his own self will and unwillingness to recognize humility.

There was no way he was going to let the primary source of his revenue from disrupting his life. It begs the question, “Is what happened ignorance, arrogance?” He was responsible for countless deaths due to his stubbornness.

Ignorance is not anointed by God.  Salvation comes in the way of truth. We are born into Original Sin and ignorance is a part of that.  Our goal is to attain salvation and salvation comes through truth and recognizing it. Enlightenment is the goal as we work through the trials and tribulations of life.

Ignorance is an earthly primitive concoction born out of fear for survival. We are born into ignorance. We rise above this weakness to attain truth and therefore gain new awareness which inspires fullness of life.

I see a number of evangelicals who state that President Trump has been anointed by God. What prompts this belief?  Lying? Compromising ethics for the sake of self-interest?  What part of this reflects Jesus? Is it the fact that a man can influence the world and claim it’s stupid to wear a mask during a pandemic and get it? Is it the fact that he originally called it a hoax and many months later has it?

Trump has made a big deal about not wearing masks. He even asked a reporter to take off his mask because He couldn’t “hear him.” The reporter refused. The president refused to let the country know what was happening early on. He did not abide by the science.  He refused to acknowledge the problem and had a “super-spreader event at the White House.”

Now that he has contracted the virus, he returns to his old ways of denial while the numbers continue to rise. He may make light of it, but those of us who are not in a position of power who had the virus were not given the same treatment.

The president has the best doctors in the world attending to him. He has been given a drug that is not accessible to the average person. I had coronavirus and was told to take a Tylenol if I felt nauseous and basically given a good luck as I rode out the virus. Two months later, and I’m still feeling effects of it.

How many people have been inspired by his leadership not to wear masks?  This is an easy request which points to care and concern for others. When supporters are asked to serve the greater good by wearing masks they act as if their basic rights have been infringed upon.

Whatever happened to selflessness and service to the country? Whatever happened to citizens uniting together and doing whatever it takes in order to defeat a menace that is endangering us? The military gets it. They follow orders for the greater good.

We are endowed with beautiful graces of reason and faith — fundamental to our mental/emotional/spiritual health.

The president’s has exposed others to the virus. Watching him fly off to Walter Reid Hospital, I was surprised to see the pilots not wearing Hazmet suits.  I turned to a friend who served in the Navy who told me “They’re expendable.” 

Is any life expendable in times of a pandemic? How does that impact the life of a country?

It was mandatory policy of the Cleveland Clinic to wear masks at the debate.  The Trump family refused.

Over 210,000 people have died from this virus. The plague is getting worse, numbers are going up and it’s getting colder. As someone who was diagnosed with the virus and suffered through it, I feel I have a right to speak out.

Ignorance is a barrier to truth. Blind faith in someone who could care less for the well-being of others is deadly – this has been proven.

Such stubbornness leads to destruction of self and dissolving community.  Is this ignorance or arrogance?

You be the judge.

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