The Gift Of A Kind Intention by William Klein

My foray into service learning has reaped tremendous rewards. I’ve been exposed to the power of intention behind words. St. Francis said, “Teach the gospels and if necessary use words”. Francis knew the power of action to speak louder than words. My sense is that the intention behind the action makes all the difference. I’ve … Continue reading The Gift Of A Kind Intention by William Klein

“Iconic Moments Revisited” by William Klein

I was listening to a Q and A with the great theologian and historian Dominic Crossan.  A person questioned whether there were texts of Jesus’ birth that didn’t exist.  Crossan noted, “nobody was watching…  except maybe for a few animals” he added with tongue firmly planted in cheek. I’ve heard this said of another academic … Continue reading “Iconic Moments Revisited” by William Klein