Advantages of a Meta-Narrative

Why are so many people abandoning religion? On one hand, religion is not serving their purposes and needs. They see judgment and doctrines that have undermined Christian values that are hypocritical in presentation. They see a lack of kindness on the part of clergy or harsh judgments from congregants and say who wants to belong … Continue reading Advantages of a Meta-Narrative

The Poetry of Community by William Klein

We never really realize the power of community until we step outside our busy lives and retreat with others. Surrendering our technology, blocking out time, digging deep into listening to the stories of others and hardships they’ve endured, and the sweet expressions of joy as a result of working through them, can be a healing … Continue reading The Poetry of Community by William Klein

Nouwen’s “Finding Our Sacred Center” by William Klein

Henri Nouwen talked about the difficult task of “Finding Our Sacred Center.”  He noted that this was achieved through three disciplines that can be found in scripture; solitude, community and care. He refers to a passage in scripture where Jesus goes to the mountain to pray.  He comes down from the mountain and commissions twelve disciples to … Continue reading Nouwen’s “Finding Our Sacred Center” by William Klein

Chance Encounters by William Klein

Sometimes it takes reminding that every humble life lived impacts the world in ways unknown. There’s that old line in “It’s a Wonderful Life.” Clarence the angel teaches George Bailey, “Strange, isn’t it? Each man’s life touches so many other lives. When he isn’t around he leaves an awful hole, doesn’t he?” I see master … Continue reading Chance Encounters by William Klein

Gotta Serve Somebody by William Klein

Enlightened self-interest is a priceless reward for an individual and society; in serving others we serve ourselves. Win-win. The act of giving of yourself to another in the name of service reaps innumerable benefits that can empower an individual and reap benefits that can change the world. Seemingly obvious, every now and then we need … Continue reading Gotta Serve Somebody by William Klein