The Kin’dom Within by William Klein

At my former school, there was a social service science fair called “Kingdom Fair.” It was started at the school by Tom Cendejas, my predecessor. Students would go out into the community and seek out and serve at non-profits to fulfill their community service requirement. They would serve as ambassadors for the organization and present … Continue reading The Kin’dom Within by William Klein

Spiritual Atrophy by William Klein

The principle of spiritual atrophy and its consequences is a daunting prospect. The dictionary definition of “atrophy” that I’m using is the “gradual decline or ineffectiveness or vigor due to underuse or neglect.” If you do not exercise your muscles, you tend to lose strength in the muscle. This is the case with spiritual development … Continue reading Spiritual Atrophy by William Klein

“The Jesus Revolution” by William Klein

I was invited to an event last Sunday by my friend, “The Chosen” star, Jonathan Roumie. Roumie is starring in “The Jesus Movement” with Kelsey Grammar that is in theaters on November 18th. Reverend Greg Laurie, a producer of the film, hosted his “Southern California Harvest Event” in San Diego’s Petco Park and at Anaheim’s … Continue reading “The Jesus Revolution” by William Klein

An Exercise In Welcoming The Stranger by William Klein

Recently Governors Greg Abbott of Texas, Florida’s Ron DeSantis and Arizona’s Doug Ducey have “relocated illegal immigrants” to places like Chicago, Los Angeles, Washington D.C. and Massachusetts. Abbott sent “busloads” to Vice President Kamala Harris’s house in Washington and DeSantis sent “two plane loads” to Martha’s Vineyard, a popular beachfront resort island for the wealthy … Continue reading An Exercise In Welcoming The Stranger by William Klein

Nouwen’s “Finding Our Sacred Center” by William Klein

Henri Nouwen talked about the difficult task of “Finding Our Sacred Center.”  He noted that this was achieved through three disciplines that can be found in scripture; solitude, community and care. He refers to a passage in scripture where Jesus goes to the mountain to pray.  He comes down from the mountain and commissions twelve disciples to … Continue reading Nouwen’s “Finding Our Sacred Center” by William Klein

The Journey Is The Goal by William Klein

It has been said that “The journey is the goal.” It may sound cliché, but it is true and sometimes a good cliché is “worth its weight in gold.” Sacred scriptures document for practitioners ways to cope with the challenges of life. These wisdom teachings are blueprints or road maps for us to enjoy the … Continue reading The Journey Is The Goal by William Klein

Coping With Trauma by William Klein

The act of birth itself is traumatic. We enter from a womb of comfort and security into a bold, daunting and dissonant, chaotic, hurried fluorescent lit world – bloodied and wet, sticky, being handed from one to another and relying on multiple sensibilities to hold a frantic awareness calmly, serenely with understanding and poignant culpability.  … Continue reading Coping With Trauma by William Klein